Community Market of Pottawatomie County

How we serve PEOPLE:

We are not your ordinary food pantry! We provide a normalized shopping experience for our guests by using the client choice model. This model allows families and individuals to select the foods they enjoy. By customizing a shopping experience for our clients, we encourage healthy choices through education and one-on-one interaction with volunteers. Volunteers have the satisfaction that comes from building relationships through client interaction and personally impacting their community. Another happy byproduct of the client choice model is limited food waste and maximized use of resources. 



We know that the best way to improve the quality of life for ourselves and our neighbors is to work together. We recognize that the Community Market can’t reach everyone who is in need and are partnering with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to serve as a distribution point for local food pantries. By serving as a distribution hub, we streamline the process of putting food on the table for our neighbors and maximize the benefits each organization offers. Through local food pantries, the Community Market also coordinates educational programs within our community. We are committed to supporting the efforts of those already making a difference in our community. 



A culture of cooperation among local organizations is key to genuine change in the lives of families and individuals. In order to meet our goal of holistic wellness, other needs besides physical hunger must be met. As we work with clients in the Market, we identify other needs and connect them with additional community resources. The Community Market also partners with local organizations such as the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service to provide educational opportunities for our clients. Ultimately, we recognize that we are one piece of the wellness picture and prioritize working with our partners to create lasting community change.